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CATHEDRALS AND CHURCHES OF A-NAK: The magnificent cathedrals, churches and temples of Varzuun are architectural wonders that sometimes date to antiquity. Among them are The Grand Cathedral at Loftewicke and The ancient Basilica at Orem.

DHARMUZZIAN TEMPLES OF MAGIC: The Temple of St. Dharmuzz in the holy city of Taarnekh-Loash is considered the greatest of these. Here, the followers of Saint Dharmuzz learn and teach the Arcane Arts of Magic in a cult-like atmosphere. The Church of A-nak considers the Dharmuzzians to be a heretical cult.

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Of all the magnificent cathedrals, churches and temples of Varzuun, the Grand Cathedral at Loftewicke is one of the largest and most impressive. Some of these architectural wonders were built relatively recently, but others oft-times date to antiquity.


THE GRAND CATHEDRAL AT LOFTEWICKE, AELVEON:  Truly one of the greatest shrines in all A-nakdom, this magnificent edifice stands as a testament to the power of belief, and is also the largest human-built structure in all Varzuun.

OLD KILRAVOCK BASILICA, SCRANTINON:  This ancient temple stood for well over a thousand years until the great wyrm Golgoleth attacked. This fearsome dragon used the basilica's great spire as a launching point to take to the air.

NEW KILRAVOCK CATHEDRAL, SCRANTINON: It was Flavius that got the humans, the Maedar and the Vaqlorii to work together on the building of this woundrous and impressive new facility.

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‹—     The dominant religious institution on Varzuun: the Official Church of Ā-nak:

          The dominant religion & institution for Humans all over Varzuun is The Church of Ā-nak. Most humans who follow Ā-nak worship in the Church of Ā-nak, at one of the many great churches, cathedrals, or basilicas that pepper the landscape.

The Hierarchical leadership structure
within the Church of Ā-nak:
The PRIMUS and The SECUNDI     —›

          The supreme leader of the Great Church of Ā-nak is known as The Primus. His position is solitary, his power is absolute, and his word is beyond contestation. His rulings and decrees, called Nuncios, go out throughout all Varzuun and are usually rigorously enforced. The most qualified person is elected to this position by his peers, and remains there for life. Within the Primacy, the Primus is sometimes called The Supreme Ordinal.

          Ranked number two in succession to the Primus are The Secundi. These four are also elected for life, or until a new Primus must be chosen, at which point, one Secundus will be chosen by peers to move up and become the new Primus. Within the Primacy, the Secundi are sometimes called The Arch-Ordinals.
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‹— The Hierarchical leadership structure
within the Church of Ā-nak:

          Ranked number three in power are The Tertii. There are twenty-seven such leaders throughout Varzuun. Note: The number of people in each position is based on the formula N=Xx, where X is the rank of power; Thus, 1 Primus, 4 Secundi, 27 Tertii, 256 Quaternii, 3125 Quinternii. Within the Primacy, a Tertius is sometimes called a Sub-Ordinal

          Ranked fourth in succession are The Quaternii. These 256, appointed to indefinite terms, are oft-times called The High Priests (or High Priestesses).

          Ranked fifth are The Quinternii. These 3125, appointed to five-year renewable terms, are usually called Priests (or Priestesses).

Mainstream Clerical & knightly orders
alongside the Church of Ā-nak:     —›

          Several prominent orders are extant throughout Varzunn. Among them The Justiciars (Enforcers) {Flavius & Branco are members}, The Ranulphites (Healers) {Culhane & Bronwyn}, The Mellusines (Defense) {Cyrena}
‹—     The Draken Knights:
the Official Defenders of Varzuun

          The most powerful quasi-religious institution in all Varzuun is clearly The legendary Draken knights and their fabled Dragons. The Draken Knights for centuries enforced the uneasy peace between the three great races. Now all but a remnant, the Drakens and their dragons once protected all Varzuun against the abominations.

          Korvalis is the legendary striped dragon foretold by the ancient prophecies of Varzuun, ridden by the young Draken Knight Draven Valencourt, formerly squire to the knight Flavius Franciscus. Will Draven and Korvalis restore the Draken Knights to their former glory?

The Rise and Fall of the
Legendary Draken Knights     —›

          Have the Drakens become a moribund order? Over the centuries, the drakens have grow fat off taxes. Complacency, arogance, and apathy have led to their dwindling numbers and fall from popularity. Their once-great image as the defenders of all Varzuun has given way to an image of pride and self-righteousness. With the rise of other orders such as the justiciars, can the Drakens right their foundering ship and regain their former glory?
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‹— The Temple of St. Dharmuzz in the holy city of Taarnekh-Loash, at Corythandra.

The MOST sacred site for those who venerate The Rubann Dharmuzz as a "saint". Members of the cult make pilgrimage here from all parts of Varzuun, in hopes the "Saint" will embue them with magical ability. Practitioners of ARCANA (Physical magic) also come here from all lands and climes to study their craft. The Church of Ānak considers the Dharmuzzians to be a heretical cult.

Inside the Temple of the Dharmuzzians     —›

          Here, the followers of Saint Dharmuzz learn and teach the arcane art of magic in a cult-like atmosphere. Draven pays a visit to the Headmaster in an attempt to gain an audience with the Potentate Reticulus V, Grand Vizier of the Temple of the Rubann Dharmuzz.
School of Magic
‹— Pagan and other non-Ānakite Organisations:
The Druids, viDruids, and others

Druids, and other groups that do not follow Ā-nak, including cults malevolant and benign, are extant across Varzuun. Notably among them, the viDruid commune at Kilravock, in Scrantinon. Lead by the lovely & charming MÜ'n'Dru (Pronounced "Moon-Drew") this tribe of total pacifists will not take part in any combat or war.

Evil cults and temples
opposing the Church of Ā-nak     —›

          There will always be enemies of the Church and State. Here, the followers of the monstrous Arch-Liches Morbulus & Hachmöse learn and teach their dark magic and sinister machinations in cult-like temples cropping up across the face of Varzuun.
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